warehouseTaylors Bulbs, the fourth generation family bulb business based in Holbeach, Lincolnshire, has opened a new development to increase loading capacity in their peak seasons.

The 5500m² development includes 1500m² of insulated warehouse space, the remainder being external yard for loading and storage.

The warehouse includes three loading docks for loading directly into the back of vehicles, and two rapid-roll doors for loading curtain-sider vehicles.

Director of Taylors Bulbs Adam Taylor said: “Our speed of loading is increased and the warehouse gives us improvement storage for packed product, as well as creating a safer work environment.”

“We can also expand the production department’s capacity and improve efficiency as a result of some of the space vacated by the despatch team and it frees up our central yard area for better flow of traffic around the yard.”

In order to create the new loading area, Taylors also had to construct a new staff car park area, said Adam: “It was a big pill to swallow but this was “the big one” as there were so many knock-on bonuses we would get as a result of the change.”

The business supplies flower bulbs to retailers throughout the UK and Ireland and farms around the Holbeach area.

The engineering and design was overseen by Calvert, Brain & Fraulo of King’s Lynn and the building and external yard was constructed by MJS Construction, March, Cambs, taking only 4 months to complete.  The car park was constructed by M.C.Nurse, King’s Lynn.

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