Today, O.A Taylor & Sons Bulbs Ltd have 2 members of the fourth generation of the Taylor family as directors illustrating the progressive thinking and bright future prospects of the business.

Taylors now farm over 750 hectares of which over 150 ha are daffodils. Other crops include vegetables, cereals, potatoes and sugar beet. Taylors are one of the largest bulb companies in the country, sourcing all types of bulbs from around the world to be packed on site in Holbeach. Already this year, millions of bulbs have passed through the packing sheds.

Each summer there will be in excess of 3,000 tonnes of daffodil bulbs pass through the yard and at peak times more than 20 vehicles, from 24-tonne trailers to 35-cwt vans, will be distributing bulbs throughout the U.K. Speedy order processing and delivery make it possible for Taylors to deliver bulbs somewhere in the UK every three minutes of the working day.

Taylors force over 80 tonnes of daffodil bulbs each year for flower production under glass from early November to February. They also market over 20 million outdoor blooms, the bulk of which are exported, and are increasingly supplying daffodil blooms to garden centres.

Still a thriving family business employing over 200 staff at peak times, training continues to play an important role in ensuring high standards. In addition, courses for garden centre staff are held regularly ahead of the autumn bulb selling season – part of Taylors’ policy of working closely with their customers to promote and market bulbs.

Our main yard covers +/- 42,000m² with planned improvements to the existing Sheds and some expansion.

Taylors Bulbs have been voted the Supplier of the Year by the U.K. Garden Centre Association 6 times. A prestigious annual award that is voted by the group’s 160 garden centre members.

“We are extremely proud that our garden centre customers value us as a supplier and we pride ourselves on giving all our customers the best service we can. We have also received the accolade of GIMA (Garden Industry Manufacturers Association) Supplier of the Year 3 times.”