Environment & Sustainability

Each September we drill wildflower and bird seed mixture around the outside of our daffodil fields to provide a habitat and food for birds during the winter months. We sow approximately 8 ha (300 tennis courts) of these margins each year.

As part of our Countryside Stewardship, we have continued to plant over 20ha (750 tennis courts) per year of cover crops which include Phacelia, Linseed and Crimson Clover for “green manure” prior to daffodil planting, benefitting insects and pollinators, preventing wind erosion and improving soil structure for the next crop.

We have also recently planted approximately 2km of native hedgerows (Crataegus monogyna) around our farm. This attracts birds as they can eat the berries and nest in the branches and also Bees which can yield nectar and pollen from the flowers. The hedging also provides habitats for butterflies and hedgehogs.

Over the last 4 years we have reduced our peat usage by over 65% and we aim to further decrease our peat use in the future. In 2020 we recycled over 160 tonnes of our waste and sent over 130 tonnes to be composted.

For several years we have been actively looking for ways we can reduce our plastic and peat usage. During 2019, we reduced our plastic usage by over 1.4 tonnes and used 3400000 litres less peat compared to the previous year. This is ongoing and we are continuingly investigating, testing and implementing new ways in which we can reduce both plastic and peat usage.