Grow Your Own

More people than ever are now ‘Growing Their Own’ vegetables. The rise in people getting involved is unsurprising due to the satisfaction the customer gets from picking and eating the fresh and tasty vegetables grown in their own home.

Not only is this a cost-effective way of getting your vegetables, but it’s also a great little hobby that many people take pride in.

Autumn Potatoes

Seed potato packs for planting late July/Early August to grow new potatoes for late Autumn/Christmas.
Pre Priced at £3.99

Seed Potato Taster Packs

Our best selling Seed Potato Taster Pack range contains a selection of new and old varieties, packed with full colour pre-pack card including selling points and instructions. The Taster Pack is ideal for the gardener requiring smaller quantities and a range of varieties. Choose from over 40 varieties.
Pre Priced at £2.49 – £2.99

Seed Potato Carri Packs

2kg carry home packs of seed potatoes for spring planting. Our range of over 50 varieties contains First and Second Early, Main Crop and Super Blight resistant seed potatoes. December delivery is available so customers wishing to capture early sales from the keenest gardeners.

Autumn Planting Onions and Vegetables

Hardy over-wintering varieties of vegetables and onions are valuable additions to your range in late Autumn.
Pre Priced at £1.99 – £2.99

Spring Planting Onions and Vegetables

Our large range of spring planting vegetables containsonion sets (plus value packs), shallots (plus value packs), French shallots, garlic varieties, Asparagus, Rhubarb, Jerusalem Artichoke, Globe Artichoke, Horseradish, Ginger and Strawberries.. Ideal for the keenest of “Grow Your Owners.

Grow Your Own Seed Kits

Available in Spring and Autumn, our range of grow your own kits includes chillies, tomatoes, peppers and herbs. With proven best sellers such as our ever popular Windowsill Herb Pots, this range is perfect for adding incremental sales for both Christmas and spring.

Grow Your Own Kits

Included in our range are two Grow Your Own kits; for the novice, the Vegetable & Seed Growing Kit and the Potato Growing Kit from Taylors Bulbs are designed to be the perfect solution for those new gardeners who are a little unsure what to select and how to grow them.


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