Walkers Bulbs @ Taylors are hoping to be in line for another Gold Medal for their stunning display of British Grown daffodils from their farm in Lincolnshire.


And who said Daffodils are just yellow?  The display from Walkers Bulbs @ Taylors exhibits over 70 varieties and 2000 flowers, full of daffodils of all colours, shapes and sizes. When stood in front of this magnificent display, you cannot help but feel in awe of these delightful blooms of yellow, red, orange, white and pink.


Unusually for the enthusiast, there is also the opportunity to see February Gold (one of the earliest flowering) featured alongside Pheasant’s Eye (one of the latest) which would normally have a flowering gap of up to 3 months between them in the garden.


This year’s display has been one of the most challenging.  Soon after the bulbs went into the glasshouse, temperatures of up to 35°C over the May Day Bank Holiday meant that the flowers developed very quickly with weak stems, upward facing flowers and, in some cases, flowers that were not as colourful as nature intended.  The normally reliable double-flowering variety Tahiti flowered white and red instead of yellow red due to the stress of the high temperatures.  Needless to say this variety is sadly unable to be included in this year’s display.


The man behind the selection of every bloom in the display is Johnny Walkers.  With 24 consecutive gold medals at Chelsea already under his belt he is hoping to continue this run, but never rests on his laurels until the final judging.  “We never expect a medal.  It is all down to two things – nature and hard work.  Just as at every show before this one, the judges have the final say.”


Johnny and his team from Taylors Bulbs, the family bulb business based in Holbeach, Spalding, Lincs, famous for supplying garden retailers throughout the UK and Ireland, can be found in the Grand Pavilion, stand GPF212.


Contact info –

Johnny Walkers 07718 625890

Sallyanne Foreman 01406 426216

Email walkers@taylors-bulbs.com

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